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Every church leader understands that the effectiveness of their church or organization rests on the shoulders of their people - especially their ministry volunteers
Every church leader knows that casting a clear vision gets people involved in the ministry game.
Every church leader recognizes that once people are involved in ministry, having the right information, skills, and training increases their impact - and KEEPS them in the game.  Effective training for volunteers is critical.
However, NOT every leader understands how, or is capable of providing that kind of training for their people.
LEDR Coaching and Training can help fill that gap for local church leaders by providing the core information, skills, and training that ministry leaders and volunteers need for making a difference in the lives of others.
We do this by offering ministry "modules" to local churches, designed with the following advantages in mind:
   .  each module is designed to be biblical and 
   .  each module is adaptable to fit your ministry 
         needs and schedule
   .  each module would be taught on your church 
   .  each module can be adapted to meet the needs of 
         your unique ministry environment
   .  each module uses live teaching that allows for
         immediate, real-time feedback, modeling, and
         which maximizes learning
Ministry Modules
The following training modules are designed to train ministry volunteers/leaders
The Liquid Bible
A crash course on the great story of God - The Bible. This overview is designed to provide ministry leaders with a simple, concise, yet memorable and biblically accurate grasp of the basic storyline of the Bible from beginning to end.  Relevant for all ministry volunteers regardless of maturity, especially those involved in teaching ministries. (6 hrs)
Learning To Feed Yourself
A practical, hands-on workshop providing the methods, techniques, and tools for digging into and interpreting the Bible. (8 hrs)
Incarnational Evangelism
A course on how to reach out to others through both words, and deeds. We explore how to talk naturally with others about the greatest relationship in life - without popping a vein. (8 hours)
Contagious Follow Up
A course on how to care for and follow up new beginners in the faith (3 hrs)
Communicating for Maximum Impact
Teaching spiritual truth with life changing impact and relevancy pays huge dividends in any ministry. This course helps train biblical communicators in the art of teaching the scriptures to any group of any size.
(6 hrs) 
The New Covenant Ministry
This study explores the core elements necessary for building a personal ministry philosophy as well as a personal life philosophy - straight from the pages of 2 Corinthians 2-6  (6 hrs)
Spiritual Warfare
This course explores practical lessons from Ephesians 6 on how to proactively push back the darkness in both our personal worlds and public ministries. 
(3 hrs)
A biblical, self-discovery process designed to help Christ-followers discover their unique, spiritual pathways and their unique spiritual gifting in order to become more effective in using their ministry shape to advance Jesus' kingdom in the world. (8 hrs)
Growing Smaller
A course designed to help small group leaders learn the critical information and skills that will help them  leverage their impact as a small group leader. (6 hrs)
This course will impart basic coaching skills that can enable ministry volunteers to be more effective at helping others pursue greater spiritual growth and maturity. (4 hrs)
Spiritual Enrichment Modules
The following training modules are designed for the general spiritual enrichment of those who are followers of Jesus
The Liquid Bible
(see above)
(see above)
Learning To Feed Yourself
(see above)
Raising Emotionally Healthy Kids
A course training parents in the critical skills needed to help children navigate the world of emotions and build one of the greatest predictors of success in life: Emotional Intelligence. (6 hrs)
My Big, Fat, Greek Language
A practical, hands-on course for those who want to learn enough New Testament Greek to use the language tools currently out there and available for studying the New Testament in greater depth.
(16 hours)
Plus - my speaking services are available for other kinds of events like ...
    .  Mens Retreats/Conferences
    .  Family Retreats/Conferences
    .  Bible Conferences
    .  Leadership Training Conferences
    .  Marriage and Parenting Conferences
    .  Coach Training
If you are interested in one of the above
seminars or in securing my services as a conference/retreat speaker,
please contact me at:
                                     or call
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